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Jeopardy is the #1 game show of all time! But let's face it... the questions are really hard and not that much fun. That's why we created "Jeo-PARODY!", a funnier version of the game show you love."

Categories and questions are full of POP culture, such as music, movies, TV, as well as general trivia knowledge, with many questions comprised of pictures instead of just words. But most of all, they're FUN! No one is going home with thousands of dollars in prize money, so we might as well just have a great time.

In Jeo-PARODY, the game play is similar to Jeopardy but in our version, 4 contestants at a time choose questions from 6 different categories for points with everyone risking their score in a
final Jeo-PARODY! question. If you've ever wanted to play the game but were worried
about the tough questions,
Jeo-PARODY! is the game show for you.

We can also create a custom show with your questions or
give you the hard questions if that's what you want.

Contact us to book your game show or to discuss which of our
game shows would be best for your event.

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