The show can run from 45 to 90 minutes and is for ages 6 and up. As with all of our shows, everything for the show is brought to your event location including backdrops, sound system, screen, projector, Power Tower, and of course... The Battle Box... which contains all the supplies for the challenges. Eric Dasher is the creator and host of The Battle Box as well as the original Brain Wash Game Show. With over 10 years of game show experience, no one does game shows like Eric. He will have the audience on the floor both participating and
laughing the entire show. He really is Mr. Game Show!

The Battle Box Team based Interactive game show is perfect for Family Fun Nights, corporate events, After Proms, Grad Nights or anytime you have a large group that want to play! This interactive challenge game show has some of the craziest, wackiest, funniest contests for the teams to compete in. Some require 1 person, some require more and some require everyone to complete. Points are awarded after each round and the next challenge gets selected when an audience member hits the button on the Power Tower.

Here's how Battle Box works. The audience is split into teams. This can be 2 or more depending on the size of your audience. Teams can be all adults, all kids or a combination of both. Each team chooses a captain. The captains will be in charge of their team and select the players for each round. Depending on the challenge, different ages or abilities are required. The challenge is randomly selected when one of the audience members presses the button on top of the Power Tower. Once chosen, the challenge requirements are explained and the captains assemble their team and the challenge is ON! Points are awarded to the winners and another audience member hits the top of the Power Tower to randomly select the next challenge. At the end of all the challenges the scores are added up and the winning team is announced.

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This show is full of non-stop laughs, audience participation, laughs, physical challenges, laughs, mental puzzles, laughs and, oh yeah, it's really funny too!

This is the show that gets everyone involved. Available dates are limited. Call us today to book this NEW show. Don't miss out on this amazing interactive game show.

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