World's Finest Chocolate is proud to present
Brain Wash Game Shows
as part of their fundraiser rewards program

A game show based on their grade, their age, or their academic level,
The Brain Wash Game Show challenges young minds.

Curriculum based - Teacher approved!

Everything you see in the pictures and videos on the website comes with the show including the backdrops, sound system, specialty lighting, and your host, Eric Dasher.  The set is designed to have a big "WOW" factor when the kids enter the room. We utilize the latest POP culture and specialty lighting to pump up the excitement levels.  School shows during the day are typically 45-60 minutes in length. Four students at a time compete for 5-7 minutes (often in teams of 2) until we run out of time. The last 5 minutes is saved for a teacher round (kids freak out on this!). Because all of the questions are projected up onto a HUGE screen, even though 4 are competing at a time, everyone in the audience plays along like you would while watching a game show on TV.
Students, faculty, and staff can't seem to get enough of this show and bring this show back to their school year after year.

To have this amazing assembly as part of your fundraising reward,
Contact Dominic Venuto Jr at
World's Finest Chocolate to schedule your fundraiser program.
Dominic can be reached at 856-237-4623 or email him at

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