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The Crowdsourcing Game Show is a quick-fire game show where players or teams use their touch screen phone as a buzzer / input device. By connecting over WiFi to our game show software, many devices can join and play this TV gameshow-style quiz. This can be done virtually or LIVE at your location or event. From small groups to large (2000 players) we can engage them all and bring the fun & excitement of a game show right to the palm of their hands.

Virtually everyone has a smartphone these days, and we all love to play with them constantly! Crowdsourcing Game Show exploits your love of modern technology, but only requires the ability to tap your screen to answer a question. However, because of the technology involved, the Crowdsourcing Game Show is far more exciting, allowing sound effects, lighting effects, picture quizzes, team buzzers and a race against the clock, all in front of an exciting over-the-top game show set with the questions and scores projected onto a huge screen for everyone to see!​

Host, Eric Dasher, will take you through rounds of pop culture, music, and trivia questions, as you simply tap your screen to answer each question and score points. But be quick - the faster you answer, the more you score.

By utilizing the latest technology, Brain Wash Game Shows are able to increase the number of people that can participate in the game show. In the "Crowdsourcing Game Show", everyone gets to play!  Gone is the slow pace. It's so fast, there's no time to cheat.

Crowdsourcing Game Show uses our game show online game app to turn your smartphone or tablet into a game show buzzer / response device. This app will only allow those that are invited to join in and play the game. There is nothing to download. 

As with all of our game shows, we bring everything for the event: backdrops, lighting, sound system, screen, projector, and of course our host and co-host. With each phone taking part connected to the same app, we are able to register the answers, and keep everyone's scores. Players are only given 20 seconds to lock in their answers, meaning you can't cheat by Googling the answers! There simply isn't enough time.

Is this suitable for corporate events?
It's more than suitable - it's an IDEAL fun activity for team building! Questions can be tailored to your requirements, the quiz can be adapted to suit your time constraints, and you don't need to provide anything as Brain Wash brings everything for the show and your staff will be using their own smartphones to take part! Whether you want a short quiz during your staff's lunch hour or a full length corporate training game show, you'd be hard pressed to find something more effective at bringing your staff together socially, while working together as a team in order to win!

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