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Risque Trivia is the only ADULT game show in the country. It is the game show that goes where your mind wants to take it. In other words... it's as dirty as you and your guests are.
Couples compete against each other in categories like "Who's Your Daddy", Time for a Threesome", and "Truth or Dare". Comedy and a brothel full of sexual innuendos rule this game show.
New backdrops, game consoles and lighting have recently been added to this show to create a set that makes you feel like you're on a real TV game show.
Suitable for anyone 18+ and perfect for parties or other adult gatherings.
Everything including the shows creator and host comes to your location and blows your guests away with this one-of-a-kind adult show. Book this show with confidence knowing that your guests will be laughing the entire show.

Video and pictures taken at the Rocking Horse Ranch

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