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Competitive Trivia
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SCHOOL Duel  is an exciting, lightning fast game show in which teams of 5 students go head-to-head in a quick-draw curriculum competition. Two players from each team face-off against each other to score points. After every question a new pair of players step up to the face-off podium to test their knowledge while the others go to the back of their team’s line. Contestants have to buzz-in and answer correctly before their opponents do. A team wins when a score of 10 is reached and then ten new contestants take their place.

Competitive Trivia
Competitive Trivia

SCHOOL Duel  maximizes the number of players that can participate in the game with fast rounds.
Rounds only last a few minutes and many rounds are played.

Questions are grade-level curriculum based on a variety of subject areas with
all the questions projected onto a huge screen for everyone to see.

Excited & nervous players and unexpected questions are a recipe for unique and unexpected answers.
Don’t miss having this fun, exciting, and educational assembly for your school.

Contact us today to secure your date.

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Competitive Trivia
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