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Trivia Duel  is an exciting, lightning fast game show in which teams of 5 players go head-to-head in a quick-draw trivia competition. Players from each team face-off against each other to score OR eliminate the other team’s players. Contestants have to buzz-in and answer correctly before their opponents do. They risk being out-scored or even being eliminated from the game. A team wins when a score of 10 is reached or a team is completely eliminated.  Trivia Duel maximizes the number of players that can participate in the game with fast rounds. Rounds only last a few minutes and many rounds are played.

Questions include general trivia and pop culture.  Custom questions can be included, as well, to meet the needs of your exclusive event. 

Comedy rules the show with funny questions, team elimination, and very WRONG answers.

Competitive Trivia
Competitive Trivia


HIGH SCORE - First team to score 10 points. Semifinal, Final, and Championship rounds can finalize the show’s winners.
TEAM ELIMINATION – Get a question wrong or your opponent answers first, you are eliminated from the game. This makes for really fast rounds and LOTS of people get to play, even if just for a minute.
POWER UP – Same as Team Elimination but teams can use one of the 5 “Power-Ups” that gives them an advantage or keeps them in the game.
CORPORATE DUEL – A custom game is created that includes questions about your company.
SCHOOL DUEL – Teams compete for high score in grade-based questions. Click here for more information.

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Competitive Trivia
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