Brain Wash Game Show's, Majority Rules, is one part social experiment,
one part game show, and one part comedy show.

Brain Wash Game Show's "Majority Rules" is a live polling game show that comically explores the opinions of an audience and awards points to the teams that correctly predict how the majority of the audience will answer the questions.

Everyone plays because there are no right or wrong answers. The audience is completely involved and determines the content and the outcome.

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Depending on the audience (kids, adults, families, or corporate), instead of factual trivia-style questions, our polls explore opinions, morals and other important social questions or company related subject matter.

After each question, the answers are collected and the majority response rules. In other words, the most popular answer is deemed to be the correct one and any team that correctly predicted what the majority will say receives points. In the end, the team who predicted the most answers wins!

Topics are a mix of fun, silly, and general opinions (favorite ice cream flavor) as well as thought provoking questions about bullying, self esteem, technology, attitudes, behaviors and health. Parents and kids work together as a team to come up with the answers. Majority Rules is perfect for a team/family building Family Fun Night. Kids and parents love the excitement and comedy throughout the show.

Corporate Events
Your employee teams will have to work quickly to come up with the majority answer to questions including, but not limited to, policy & procedure, products knowledge, customer service as well as some socially fun subjects. As an employer, it's great to find out where your staff's heads are regarding your company. We work together with you to come up with company questions that will make your Majority Rules show compelling and fun for everyone.

Just for the fun of it!
Are you kidding, Majority Rules is as much fun to play as it seems! Finding out what people predict everyone else is thinking is hysterical fun for everyone. Don't miss kicking up your events entertainment by including the Majority Rules Game Show.
This show is especially funny with an all adult audience.

It's a lot of fun to see how the majority has ruled and where you fit in. Are you the black sheep, unique or a freak? Or will you leave the show feeling somewhat average? Find out when you have "Majority Rules" at your next event.

An extremely funny "NO KIDS" version is also available.

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