We took Wheel of Fortune, turned it on it's head and the results are hysterical!

We smushed the Wheel of Fortune together with the 20 Second Challenge and created “The Wheel of Ill Will.” Featuring plenty of amusing twists and turns along the way for everyone.

Three contestants at a time try to solve hidden phrases by guessing letters one at a time in a race to be the first to solve a puzzle. If their letter is part of the puzzle, they move on to spin the wheel where they can earn points.

A lucky player gets away with 200 points scot-free. The not so lucky are going to have to earn their points by attempting a fun challenge like: pretending to jump rope for 15 seconds, shredding their air guitar, or leading the audience in the wave. Any way you see it, everyone is having a great time. Solving the puzzle earns you 500 additional points and in the end, the high score wins.

This quick-paced show features a beautiful, digital interactive game board that everyone can see, a neon inspired spinning “Wheel of Ill Will”, music, jokes and more. Having this show at your next event assures a fun time for everyone.

As with all of our game shows, we bring everything to your event. Stage set includes backdrops, screens, projectors, sound equipment , and a professional game show host that brings the game to life for your guests. 

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