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A game show based on their grade, their age, or their academic level,
The Brain Wash Game Show challenges young minds.

Curriculum based - Teacher approved!

Who hasn't dreamed of being on a real game show?

With Brain Wash Game Shows, you can!

With over seven different game shows to choose from and all of them able to be customized,
Brain Wash Game Shows are the best choice when planning your event. Check out each show and select which one would be best for you or call us and we'll discuss the differences and help you choose which game show would work best for your event. All of them deliver
a one-of-a-kind game show experience that will keep your guests laughing and enjoying themselves as well as playing along. We look forward to hosting a game with you.

Ready to BOOK a show? Have questions?
CALL or TEXT us at 609-220-3215 or EMAIL us.

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